CloudSiksha is an initiative of S.Suresh, who has been a major proponent of competency development in the IT industry. He was a Group Head in Wipro responsible for Storage Projects and later was Head of Competency Development & KM. He played a similar role in IBM Global Engineering Services. After a brief stint as a Cloud Architect in Oracle Managed Cloud Division, Suresh started CloudSiksha in Oct 28, 2014.

CloudSiksha has undertaken multiple courses for various corporates and individuals in the areas of Cloud, DevOps and Programming Languages. The client list of CloudSiksha include: Accenture, Adobe, Cap Gemini, Siemens, HCL, Wipro, Infosys, GE, TCS and many startups. CloudSiksha has been conducting courses on AWS, IBM SoftLayer, Puppet, Chef and various programming languages.

CloudSiksha Academy, which offers video based courses and guided learning to participants, was launched on 30'th September 2017